Saturday, October 8, 2016

Fall... The best time of year to fly.

The days are getting cooler and just a little shorter.    The summer heat and haze has given way to clear blue days.    This change usually happens overnight.    The first cold front will come through with a little wind and blow away the muggy weather.

The Good and The Bad.

Lets get the bad out or the way first...   (It's not really bad)

1.  The days are shorter.    Right now in the middle of October we are losing 2 minutes a day.   It does not get light until around 6:30a.    I am a morning person and I love to get outside and enjoy as much of the day as possible.     I also really enjoy the evenings and sunsets.    During the the peak long days of summer it will get dark around 9p.    I get in trouble with the wife for getting home that late so I try to end my flying before that time so that we can enjoy a nice evening dinner together.   This means that flying at sunset if a rare treat.    This time of year I get some really nice sunsets.

The Good.

1.  I own the lakes.    There are very few boaters out on the water.    Apparently the school season and football season distracts the would be boaters.    Boaters are rarely a problem for us as seaplane pilots.   We generally have lots of lake to work/play in, but it does make the lakes very peaceful.

2.  The  weather is generally less rainy and the air is crystal clear.   You can see what seems like a hundred miles.

3.   The temperature has dropped and has lowered the density altitude.    This makes the airplane seem to jump off the runway and perform like new.

4.  The leaves.