Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Glider Clubs

One of the really amazing things about glider flying is that it is a group endeavour. If a tow plane is involved then there are at least two people required to launch. Optimally there is also a wing walker to lift the wing while the tow plane gets us going. There are self launch gliders, but part of the ambiance of gliding is being with the other pilots and telling stories. I belong to the Sylacauga Soaring Society glider club. The club operates several gliders and a Piper Pawnee tow plane. Every weekend there are at least a few guys from the club lurking around the airport. If the weather is bad then they will be working on their planes or just hangar flying. If the weather is good then they will hang out by the launch area on the field. If there is a glider to fetch or launch then they will help. There are cookouts and other more social events as well. Bob Hey is one of the founders of the club and he is the make it happen guy. He is nearly always on the field on the weekends. He sends a recap of the past day's/weekend's activities even if not much happened, and he generally facilitates the activities. Most of all Bob makes everyone feel welcome to the group. I feel that I am really fortunate to have become a part of this group and to have the privilege of flying with these guys. You can contact me or Bob to arrange a demo flight.

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