Friday, August 21, 2009

Rejuvenation - Installing new insulation

The insulation in the 150 appeared to be original. It was a fiberglass type substance that turns to dust when messed with. I really like to fly with the windows open in the summer and since the interior plastic was in such bad shape it was free to blow in places. We removed all of this anyway as part of the inspection and for the opportunity to re-zinc chromate the metal. The new insulation which we bought from Aircraft Spruce comes in a roll that is two feet wide and as long as you want. It has aluminum like backing on both sides and is made of what looks like newspaper stuff. It is very easy to work with and can be cut with scissors. It is not an irritant like fiberglass. Every time I work with fiberglass insulation, I spend days picking out tiny pieces of it from my skin. To install the stuff just cut it and spray some contact cement on the backing and the plane interior and stick it in after it drys for about 30 seconds. This was one of the easiest jobs in the restoration. I am looking forward to a quieter and more friendly ride.

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